Fuji FV 27TKBS

Rated output kVA 20.3
Max Output                 kVA 23.5
Type Revolving field type AC generator (brushless)
Excitation Brushless, Self-excitation
Rated speed3000
No. Of poles 2
Phase/Wire 3 Phase/4 wire
Voltage AC 200-480v Required
Power Factor 0.8
Class of Insulation F-class(both stator and rotor)
Type of coupling Direct coupling, (single bearing)
Voltage regulation system AVR
Voltage regulation system ±1.5%
Type Vertical,water-cool,4-cycle diesel
Cylinder 4 cylinders
Fuel consumption @ full load 6L/hr
Fuel tank Capacity 40L
Starting system Electric-12V DC
Automatic safety shutdown Low oil press/ High water temperature
Apprx. Weight 580kg

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